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    Succulent Plants in Original Designs -- Their "Look and Feel"
Mixed succulent arrangement in driftwood container
Succulent image at right
shows details of driftwood
holder selection (click to
Pricing indication about $250.  
Send succulent arrangement to someone near me in
Marin County -- call 415-456-6763
Mixed succulents in halfround ceramic holder
Succulent Plants Selected Arrangement in half-round
clay holder, design by Yukiko -- includes echeveria,
aizoaceae braunsia.
Original arrangements of selected succulents
are uniquely designed by Yukiko -- delivered
from her
Greenbrae/Kentfield studio to all
addresses in Marin County CA.
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Nine Succulents arrangement in shaped container.
Marin Florist - nearby in Marin County,
Yukiko's Floral Design Studio
(415) 456-6763  
    Succulent Plants in
    Unique Designs
Succulents in Margarita glass   
Bowl diameter 5", glass height 7".
Each floral design is a different
arrangement of succulents.
Succulents arranged in natural driftwood
Succulent Plants uniquely Arranged in driftwood containers.
Of course, natural driftwood containers are difficult to source --
please call Yukiko (415) 456-6763 to discuss availability.
succulent arrangement in fibre glass container
Succulents in fibre-glass containers, selected
variety of shapes and sizes.
Triangle arrangement above is about 18" x 9", $150
9 succulents arrangement -- look-and-feel
succulents arranged in margarita glass
Succulents uniquely
arranged in tree-bark
:  $235
Succulents above and below left show details of
driftwood holder selections (click to enlarge).   
Pricing indication about $250.
Succulents arranged in floor container
Succulents arranged in
decorative pot.
rectangular succulents by Yukiko
Top down view of succulents in driftwood container
Selected succulents in rectangular container.  $75