Yukiko's Floral Design Studio in Marin  County
Telephone:  415-456-6763
    Flower Centerpiece Arrangements:  
Original floral designs by Yukiko.
middle of 3-piece flower table center by Yukiko
holiday colors table centerpiece
Original Centerpiece Florals --   Three Piece Design for Table for Twelve
Centerpiece creates festive yet elegant
mood in natural atmosphere.
In Marin
Floral centerpieces
set unique themes
for Dinner

kebana and
contemporary styles
blend floral themes of
many cultures.  
    After all
    culture comes
    from food and
    flowers --
    they are in the
    center of the
    food -- the
    better to set
    the tone of the
    evening and
    make a
celebration floral centerpiece, large and luscious, by Yukiko, Ross
Sensational centerpiece for client's table
Click on images to enlarge view
ikebana centerpiece for table for eight.
Greens profusion -- 24" centerpiece  
angel ivy, cymbidium
, redwood,
eucalyptus buds.     
Anthurium Ikebana Centerpiece  
leucadendron, fatsia, nandina, curly
white flower centerpiece
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Orchids, roses, ornamental cabbage, red
berries green foliage, large and low, festive
centerpiece. $200.
Hardy centerpiece for holiday Dinner and reception Buffet
Burgundy and Green Banquet Centerpiece:  $250
Anthurium Fusion:  42-inch wide head table flower
centerpiece -- profusion of red anthuriums, harakeke,
Centerpiece in Seasonal
roses, lilies, peppers,l
leaves and branches.  
close-up detail
Marin Florist 3-piece design created by Yukiko, San Rafael
holiday centerpiece
Holiday Centerpiece --
red and white anthuriums
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