Ikebana and contemporary flower arrangements -- the artistry comes first.
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Yukiko in her studio in Kentfield, California
cymbidium arrangement, delivered to Ross.

Dramatic Sweep of Roses berries,
seasonal Marin foliage - warm, rich,
striking -
I am the independent
MarinFlorist who creates
quality floral designs &
delivers them everywhere in
Marin County:
    from Greenbrae, Mill
    Valley & Kentfield, to
    San Rafael & Tiburon.
    Bedside delivery Marin
    General Hospital.

When you call me,
you reach me,
(415) 456-6763
    No 800-number,
    no switchboard,
Just call me,
    Thank you.

Asiatic Lilies Ikebana:
harakeke, seasonal foliage.
Cymbidium Arrangement
(color varies) $105
Branches Ikebana  $89
Order floral
arrangements on
this page anytime ~
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To discuss original
ideas & floral
designs. check out
blog and call me,
(415) 456-6763.
rose design, wrapped with curly willow for lasting memories, delivered Larkspur.
Ikebana inspired by Japanese train station lunch box

Bento Ikebana - reminiscent
of Japanese train platform
lunchbox:  roses, lily, ivy
,   $79
Roses, leucadendron, curly willow  $95.
English Garden Arrangement~
for flower lovers and others with
sophisticated tastes.  
Click on images
to enlarge
multiple live orchids with branches, Marin County flora
Careful design for desktop, sidetable or casual placement
Well Fitting Bouquet of
Roses with curly willow $95
Marin Ikebana -  $135

Romantic Bouquet: roses,
tulips tied with curly willow.

Chinese Lanterns bouquet, curly
willow, $155
Rising Orchid, Delivered to Mill Valley.
Click on photos
to enlarge
Rising Orchid $145 --
uplifting, respectful:
"Remembrance with Grace."
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to enlarge view
Rose design wrapped in seasonal branches
For Same-Day delivery
in Marin
, please order
before 2 PM.
After 2 PM, call me,
415-456-6763 and
I will do my best for you.
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Delicate Yellow Rose arrangement with
Queen Anne's Lace $135
Roses with Queen Anne's lace,
leucadendron -.
Pricing compares favorably
to other
florists in Marin.  
Minimum is $65;  
Sales tax & delivery charge

Phalaenopsis in basket, by Yukiko.
Live phalaenopsis. From $95 - example
shows multiple live plants, $250.
See others on view.
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Romantic Bouquet of Roses and Tulips, delivered to Mill Valley
curly willow, sweeping flaxx, leucadendron, greem cymbidium and red dramatize this design d
English Garden Bouquet (delivered to Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae)
classic ikebana, delivered to the Tamalpais, Greenbrae.
Chinese Lanterns Bouquet, delivered to Tiburon
Delicate yellow roses, Queen Anne's Lace
dramatic sweep of roses
Call or Shop OnLine ~ Hand Delivery Everywhere in Marin County
succulents arranged in half-round holder
Succulents in Half-round holder.  $135
roses, lilies, seasonal flowers, spherical vase
Spherical Bouquet - roses,
lilies, seasonal flowers,
spherical arrangement.  
dried peonies and flowers about 20
Dried Peonies Wall Basket
with lavender, amaranthus,
artichoke, curly willow, $75
Equisitum Ikebana $89